Course Materials

Lecture information and slides.

Reading / Slides

Date Topics Required Reading (before class)
8/18 Overview
8/23 Basics
8/25 Conditionals
If statements
8/30 For Loops
9/6 Nested Loops
Break from loop
Loop pointers
Compound conditionals
9/8 Array intro
Summing Arrays
9/13 Array Details
Array min/max and reversing
9/15 Predefined functions
Random numbers
9/20 User defined functions
9/22 More user defined functions
9/27 Classes - simple
9/29 Classes - accessors and functions
10/4 Structs
10/11 More Arrays
10/13 Files - Intro
10/18 Files - More Details
10/25 StringStreams
10/27 Command Line
11/3 Constructors for classes
11/8 Vectors
11/15 Arrays of Classes
11/29 Vectors of Classes


Subject Action
Creating projects
  1. Create a CodeLite project
  2. Set the -std=c++11 flag (shown by TAs)
  3. Write your program
  4. Build your program
  5. Test your program
Submitting projects
  1. Make sure you have comments in your code
  2. Copy and paste your code into Code Assessor
  3. Click "Grade This Part"
    • If you receive any red X: Fix the errors and resubmit
    • If you receive all green checks: Do NOT resubmit
    • The timestamp is recorded from your LATEST submission
Program Example
Variable Examples
Looping Examples